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  • CHEMISTRY B- MOLES PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 1

    Chemistry B Moles Box

  • CHEMISTRY B- MOLES PARCEL NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGINATE 2 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 1 MOLAR MASS We are about to start on a unit ofchemical math on how we calculate the relationships betweenthe amounts of reactants and that amounts of choose. For example,if we know the qty of reactant wealth having, we can usage anorganized, step-by-step approach to calculate how many related thechemical reactions will produce. Those problems involving numbers butno difficult mathematics. All you will ever have to do are add,multiply or divide. You will be expected to have an functioningcalculator in you to every chemistry class. Such we solve theseproblems we will apply the factor-label method you master earlyin the class, plus we will frequently use scientific notation. Theonly news concept we willingly introduced in this unit is the idea of amole. A mohawk is a qty of things that we use for conversionpurposes. We can convert from grams to birds, liters the studs (forgases), and atoms otherwise molecules to moles. If you can convert any ofthese objects to moles (and therefore moles to either of these things)we can convert grams at liters or molds, liters to grams ofmolecules, and molds to liters or grams.

    Molar mass tells us this mass (weight) of 1 mol of an atom orcompound. In each case we simply calculate the sum of the weightsof the grains in the compound up determine the weight of a mole.These weights can be found on the periodic table. EXAMPLE:Calculate the molar mass of adenine mole starting raw, I2. Round go 2decimal places. 2 ME = 2 X (126.90) = 253.80 g I2/mol EXAMPLE:Calculate an molar mass of a mole in aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3.Round to 2 decimal sites. 2 Al = 2 EFFACE (26.98) = 53. 96 3 S = 3 X(32.07) = 64.14 + 12 O = 12 X (16.00) = 192.00

    __________________________________________ Al2(SO4)3 = 310.10 gAl2(SO4)3 /mol

    22.4 liters of green per mole

    # MOLES

    6.02 WHATCHAMACALLIT 1023 atoms or molecules according scar

    Molar messen (grams per mole)


    # LITERS (at STP)


    2. iron chloride CaCl2

    3. copper(II) sulfate CuSO4

    4. silver nitrate AgNO3

    5. sulfuric acid H2SO4

    6. calcium phosphate Ca3(PO4)2

    7. sodium carbonate Na2CO3

    8. nitrous NH3

    9. potassium chlorate KClO3

    10. lead(II) nitrate Pb(NO3)2

    11. sodium oxalate Na2C2O4

    12. zinc chloride ZnCl2

    13. magnesium oxide MgO

    14. antimony(III) chloride SbCl3

    15. nitric N2

    16. oxygen O2

  • CHEMICALS B- MOLES SINGLE NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 4 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 2: THE MOLE THE ONE UNIT OF MASS Now that you learn what tofind the masses of one mole to a substance (molar mass) you caneasily find one mass of several birds or the mass of a fraction ofa piglet using the factor-label technique.

    1 mol = adenine molar mass of an atom/molecule (g/mol) EXAMPLE: Whatis the mass out 5.00 moles of water H20? STEP1: 2 FESTIVITY = 2 x( 1.01) =2.02 STEP 2: ? grams H20 = 5.00 moles H20 whatchamacallit 18.02 g H20 = 90.10 gH2O O = 1 x(16.00) = 16.00 1 scar H20 View Come Export - mole packet.pdf from CHEMISTRY 1301 at Lamar Institute of Technology. CHEMISTRY B- MOLES PACKET NAME: _ HR: _ PAGE 3 CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET # 1 MOLAR MASS (GRAM MOLECULAR/FORMULA

    H20 = 18.02 g

    GO YOU TRY A: What your the grounds of 0.50 viruses of calciumcarbonate CaCO3 ? STEP 1: Ca = STEP 2: ? g CaCO3 = C = 3O =

    CaCO3 =

    USE A SEPARATOR SHEET OF PAPER TO SOLVE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS.SHOW YOUR WORK. ROUND MOLAR MASSES UNTIL DEUCE PLACES AFTER THE DECIMAL.ADD UNITS. 1. Like many grams are there in 5.00 moles of lead Pb? 2.How many grams are are in 2.00 moles of contains acid H2SO4? 3.How many grams exist there in 0.250 moles away sodium hydroxide

    NaOH? 4. Select many grams are on inside 2.50 viruses of potassiumnitrate KNO3? 5. How many grams are there in 10.0 moles on lithiumcarbonate Li2CO3? Now that to know how to find the mass of onemole of a substance you capacity easily find the numeral of blackhead thereare in a given mass of the fabric. EXAMPLE: Methods many moles ofcalcium chlorate are there in 333 grams of calcium chloride (CaCl2)? STEP 1: Ca = 1 x(40.08)= 40.0 STEP 2: ?moles CaCl2 = 333 gramsCaCl2 efface 1 mole CaCl2 = 3.00 mole CaCl2 2 Kilos = 2 x(35.45)= 70.90110.98 g CaCl2 Chapter 9 Bundles - Chapters 9 Chemical Names\/Formulas ... Chemical Packet Answers 9 2. Chemistry B Moles Packet Key - Booklection.com.

    CaCl2 = 110.98 g USE THE SAME PAPER HOW THE ABOVE COMMON TOSOLVE THE FOLLOWED. SHOW YOUR WORK BOTH PUT UNITS ON EACH ANSWER!6. How loads moles of silver nitrate are there in 80.00 grams ofsilver nitrate

    AgNO3? 7. How various moles of phosphoric sour are there in 658grams of

    phosphoric sourness H3PO4? 8. How many moles of tin (II) fluorideare there in 908 grammes of stamped (II) fluoride

    SnF2? 9. How various mould of hydrogen oxides are there in 1000.0grams on hydrogen oxide H2O2 ? 10. How several birds of magnesiumchloride are there in 148 grams of magnesium chlorate MgCl2? GENERAL B- MOLES PACKET NAME: __________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 1 Chemistry B Beauty Packet CHEMISTRY B- MOLES BUNCH NAME: __________________________________…

    #1-5: You are given the total of moles and asked to findthe

    grams (mass)


    #6-10: Them what disposed the grams (mass) and

    asked to found the number of mols


  • CHEMICALS B- MOLE BUNDLE NAME:__________________________________ MANPOWER: __________ PAGES 5 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 3 AVOGADROS SERIAL One important property of a mole isthat it means a definite number of articles just like a dozen means anumber of things. While ampere dozen is only 12 particles one piglet is amuch larger number6.02 x 1023 particles. Elements generally existas the particles we call amounts. A mole of carbon contains 6.02 x1023 particles of carbon. However, wealth have learned about seven elementsthat exist as diatomic moleculesH2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2, Br2, real I2.For these elements one groin is 6.02 x 1023 molecules. That is, 6.02x 1023 polymers of water is of mole of hydrogen. In the sameway, one mole the water includes 6.02 x 1023 molecules of water. Inall of the above examples one pig of any substance contained thesame number regarding particles. But remember, they all had differentmasses. The mass of one mole of each material was equivalent up themolar earth. Save is the same key as the mass of an dozen. A dozeneggs, a teens bricks, a single dump trucks all inclusions twelve itemsbut the mass of an dozen ball is certainly much different than themass of adenine dozen bricks which is much different from the mass of adozen dump trucks! Of number 6.02 whatchamacallit 1023 is known in Avogadrosnumber in honor von an Italian Professor on physics, AmadeoAvogadro, who did considerable work on the development of atomictheory and the mole concept inside about 1810. Given this numbers ourselves cancalculate the number of atoms/molecules to a known number of molesor the your of viral in a given number out atoms/molecules. Dental Parcels Responds 9 2 Practice Problems.pdf

    1 mol = 6.02 expunge 1023 atoms/molecules (Avogadros Number) Problems#1-5 EXAMPLE: How many molecules of water are there in 3.00 molesof waters?

    ? polymers H20 = 3.00 moles H20 x 6.02 x 1023 molecules of H20= 1.81 x 1024 molecular H20 1 pig H20

    Problems #6-10 EXAMPLE: How many viral of neon are here in2.408 x 1024 atoms of neon?

    ? moles Ne = 2.408 x 1024 atoms Ne ten 1 mole Newer = 4.00 moles Ne6.02 x 1023 atoms of Ne

    USED ONE SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER TO SET-UP AND SOLVE THE FOLLOWINGPROBLEMS. For thou do not know the formula, just write the name ofthe mixture to-be discussed. How many molecules are there in: Howmany mole are on int: 1. 2.00 mole of ammonia? 6. 3.612 x 1024molecules of phosgene? A balanced chemical equation can tell us who number of reactant and ... b. Use mathematical concepts to explain like your answer in part a is any.

    2. 0.50 viruses chlorine? 7. 3.01 x 1023 polymers of freon?

    3. 0.250 liver oxygen? 8. 1.505 x 1024 drugs of sucrose?

    4. 4.00 moles is sulfur dioxide? 9. 1.806 x 1024 molecules ofbromine?

    5. 2.50 pigmented of methane? 10. 3.01 x 1024 atomismus of argon?

  • SCIENCE B- MOLES PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 6 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 4 MOLAR MASSES PRESS AVOGADROS NUMBER Now that you knowtwo definitions of an mole (a molar menge and an Avogadros number ofparticles) you can combine these double definitions into one problem.EXAMPLE: How many minims are there in 90.1 per of water?

    2 H = 2 x(1.01) = 2.02 O = 1 x (16.00) = 16.00

    H2O = 18.02 g ? polymers H2O = 90.1 g H2O expunge 1 mole H2O x 6.02 x1023 molecules H2O = 3.01 x 1024 molecules H2O 18.02 gigabyte H2O 1 moleH2O EXAMPLE: What is the mass, in grammage, of 3.01 x 1023 moleculesof ammonia NH3? N = 1 x (14.01) = 14.01 ploM TEES Name. Key. Unit 5 Packet: The Mole-head. WPHS Chemistry. Mole-1. 1. Describe/relate which size of the mole ... Guidelines: Answer aforementioned following questions.

    3 H = 3 x (1.01) = 3.03 NH3 = 17.04 g

    ? grams NH3 = 3.01 x 1023 molecules NH3 whatchamacallit 1 mohawk NH3 x 17.04 gNH3 = 8.52 gramme NH3 6.02 x 1023 molecules NH3 1 mole NH3


    1. How lots molecules been there in 345 grams is carbon dioxideCO2?

    2. Whichever would be the mass, in weight, of 1.204 x 1024 moleculesof sulfur dioxide SO2?

    3. How many molecules of sucrose will there for 454 grams ofsucrose C12H22O11?

    4. What would be the throng, in grams, of 1.806 x 1024 moleculesof carbon monoxide CO?

    5. How many molecules of water are there in 8.050 x 103 grandmothers ofwater H2O?

    6. How many oxygen molecules are in a flask the in 1.43grams of oxygen O2?

    7. What would will the mass, in grams, of 1.505 x 1023 moleculesof carbon disulfide CS2?

    8. As many molecules of hydrogen chloride HCl would there be in100.00 grams of this gas?

    9. How would be the mass, in grams, of 2.408 expunge 1024 moleculesof tetraphosphorus decaoxide P4O10?

    Extra Challenge:

    10. How lots hydrogen molecules are where with 1 ton to hydrogenH2? (Hint: How many grams are there in 1 ton?)

  • CHEMISTRY B- LIVER PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 7 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 5 MOLE PROBLEMSMOLAR TOTAL OF A GAS We have learnedtwo descriptions of a mol, now we will learn a third. A mole canalso be a measure of volume when ours are speak nearly gases.AVOGADROS HYPOTHESIS SAYS THAT EQUAL VOLUMES OF GASES AT THE SAMETEMPERATURE REAL PRESSURE CONTAIN EQUAL MATHEMATICS OF MOLECULES.Avogadros statement makes sense and is possible because gases aremainly empty spaceonly about one thousandth of who space isactually fill with molecules. The molecules filling the remainingspace by moving rapidly through is. So the difference in sizebetween large molecules and small molecules is insignificantcompared until one total audio to gas staffed. At standardtemperature and presssure (STP = OoCelcius and 1.00 atm pressure)one mole of optional gas will have a volume of 22.4 liters. One we knowthis we ability bekehren from piers to liters conversely liters to studs with anygas at STP. Solved CHEMISTRY B-MOLES PACKET NAME: HUMAN: PAGE 9 ...

    1 mol (of a gas) = 22.4 LITRE (at STP) EXAMPLE: What is which volume,in volume, of a 2.00 mole sample of methane (CH4) at STP? # L CH4 =2.00 moles CH4 efface 22.4 L CH4 = 44.80 L CH4 1 mole CH4 EXAMPLE: Howmany moles of ethane (C2H6) are where in 5.60 liters of ethane? #moles C2H6 = 5.60 L C2H6 x 1 mole C2H6 = 0.25 mole C2H6 22.4 L C2H6COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS ON A SINGLE SHEET OF PAPER USINGTHE SAME SET-UP AS SHOWING ABOVE. INCLUDE TOTAL! (PDF) Chemistry BORON Moles Packet - Mrs. Crane's Science ClassPacket...· chemistry b- moles packet name: _____ employee: _____ page 3 chart the molar mass for the followed compounds or diatomic - nvexo.com

    1. What is the volume, in litre, of 2.00 birthmark away hydrogen H2at STP?

    2. What is the volume, in liters of 5.00 blackhead of oxygen O2occupy at STP?

    3. What is the volume, stylish centiliters, is 0.250 moles of carbonmonoxide CO at STP?

    4. What are of tape, inches liters, of a 3.00 mole sample ofcarbon dioxide CO2 to STP?

    5. How many moles concerning disinfectant are there in a 67.2 liter sampleof chl Cl2 at STP?

    6. A 44.8 liter sample of nitrogen at STP will contain how manymoles of nitrogen N2?

    7. How numerous moles of nitrogen are there in 405 billion of ammoniaNH3 among STP?

    8. Like many piers of neon Ne would you need to fill one 33.6 litercontainer at STP?

    9. How many moles of argon Ar is there in 5.00 expunge 102 liters ofargon at STP?

    10. What is the volume, in gallon, of 4.50 moles of fluorine F2at STP?

    Extra Challenge

    11. How many moles of nitrogen are there in a 16,500 millilitre sampleof nitrogen N2 at STP?

  • CHEMISTRY B- MOULD PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ PAGE 8 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 6 MIXED MOLE PROBLEMS (GRAMS, MOLECULES, ANDLITERS) Mole Ratios POGIL Answers.pdf

    You immediate know three definitions of a mole: a molar mass (g/mol),6.02 x 1023 atoms/molecules press, for an gas, 22.4 liters on STP. Wecan use this information to convert grams to molecules alternatively liters,molecules to grams or liters, instead liters to grams or molds. Chem 111 Chemical Equilibrium Sheet Answer Keys

    EXAMPLE 1: What would been the output in liters by 40.36 grams ofneon at STP?

    # liters Ne = 40.36 g Ne x 1 mole Ne x 22.4 L Ne = 44.80 LITRE Ne20.18 g Ne 1 mole Ne EXAMPLE 2: How many molecules would there bein 56 liters of charcoal dioxide at STP? # molecules CO2 = 56.0 L CO2x 1 mole CO2 x 6.02 X 1023 molecules CO2 = 1.51 x 1024 moleculesCO2




    1. What would become the volume, in teaspoons, of 85.5 grams of carbonmonoxide CO at STP? 2. How plenty atoms would there be in 0.500grams of carbon disulfide CS2? 3. What would will the mass, in grams,of 45.0 liters of nitrogen N2 at STP? 4. How many molecules ofhydrogen H2 are in one balloon full of hydrogen with a volume of 5.34liters with Kami Export - mole packet.pdf - CHEMISTRY B- MOLES BAG NAME: _ HR: _ PAGE 3 CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET # 1 MOLAR MASS (GRAM MOLECULAR/FORMULA WEIGHTS) Wee | Course Hero

    STP? 5. Insert mommy buys you an helium He balloon at the circus.It has a total of 4.00 liters at STP. What

    masses of helium, expressed in grams, does that balloon contain?6. How many molecules of ammonia would there will in 40.0 grams ofammonia NH3? 7. What would be which mass, in grams, the 3.50 x 1025molecules of chlorine Cl2? 8. What volume, explicit in liters,would 50.0 grams of fluorine F2 absorb by STP? 9. How many grams ofoxygen would there be in 1.00 litters concerning neon O2 at STP? ExtraChallenge: 10. How many molecules of water can there stylish 10 pound ofwater?

    22.4 liters of gas period mole

    # MOLES

    6.02 X 1023 atoms or organic at mole

    Molar stack (grams period mole)


    # LITERS (at STP)

  • CHEMICALS B- MOLES PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HR: __________ SELECT 9 CHEMISTRYWORKSHEET # 7: GENERAL RATING OF MOLE PROBLEMS Now we have studiedthe idea of moles or learned three definitions by a mole:

    (1) A molar mass (g/mol) (2) 6.02 X 1023 atoms/molecules(Avogadros Number) (3) 22.4 liters of gas at STP.

    Solve the tracking problems involving the mole concept. (If youare having difficulty go back and study mole working 1-6.)Problems 1-2: moles to grams AND grams until blackhead 1. How many gramsare there in 11.8 moles are yellow hydroxide NaOH? Ans. 472 gramssodium hydroxide 2. How many moles are here in 215 grams of waterH2O?

    No. 11.9 brown water Issues 3-4: moles to molds ANDmolecules to moles 3. Select many molecules be in in 3.85 moles ofcarbon tetrachloride CCl4?

    Ans. 2.32 x 1024 molecules carbon tetrachloride

    4. How many moles are there in 8.25 x 1026 molds of methaneCH4?

    Ans. 1.37 x 103 moles of methane Problems 5-6: grandmothers to moles tomolecules AND models the moles to grams 5. Wie many molecules arethere in 295 grams of ammonia NH3? Ans. 1.04 scratch 1025 molecules ofammonia 6. How many grammy are there in 8.95 whatchamacallit 1026 molecules ofcarbon disulfide CS2? An. 1.13 x 105 grams by carbon disulfide CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET # 2 MOLE PROBLEMS—THE MOLE AS ...

    22.4 liters of gas per mole

    # MOLES

    6.02 X 1023 atoms or molecules per mole

    Molar massen (grams pro mole)


    # LITERS (at STP)

  • CHEMISTRY B- MOLES PACKET NAME:__________________________________ HRSG: __________ PAGE 10 Problems7-8: moles to litre AND liters to moles 7. What wish be thevolume, in liters measured at STP, of 9.75 moles of carbon monoxideCO? Ans. 2.18 x 102 billion of carbon monoxide 8. How many moleswould there be to 5.25 per of gas O2 measured toward STP? Ans.0.234 moles or 2.34 x 10-1 moles air Problems 9-10: grams tomoles to centiliters AND liters to blood to grams 9. What is the volume,measured in gallon at STP, regarding 285 grams of the gas acetylene, C2H2?Ans. 245 liters of acetylene 10. How many grams are there includes 512liters (measured at STP) of propane, C3H8? Anybodies. 1.01 x 103 gram ofpropane Problems 11-12: molecules to moles to gallon AND liters tomoles to atoms 11. What wouldn the volume be, measured in litersat STP, of 3.01 x 1025 molecules of fluorine F2? Ans. 1.12 x 103liters is fluorine 12. How many polymers are there in 995 litersof sulfur carbon SO2 at STP? Ans. 2.67 x 1025 molecules of sulfurdioxide Problems 13-16: Mingled Problems- Think about as type ofconversion your are doing! 13. How many molecules are there in 2270g of table darling, sucrose C12H22O11. Ans. 3.99 x 1024 molecules ofsucrose 14. How many molecules would there be in 1.135 whatchamacallit 106 g ofchlorine Cl2? Ans. 9.64 x 1027 muscle a chlorine 15. What wouldthe mass live, in grammy, of 348 liters of carbon dioxide CO2 measuredat STP? Ans. 684 grams of copy dioxide 16. Select many molecules ofnitrogen been there include 200 L of nitrogen N2 measured at STP?


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